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  1.   So NoTORIous: Plucky

    Check out this "Wicked Short" version of episode 1 and find out the reasons why they call this show NoTORIous!

    Air Date: 4/02/06

  2.   So NoTORIous Premiere After-Party!

    Check out interviews, outtakes, behind the scenes footage and Tori's guide to L.A.

    Air Date: 4/02/06

Full Episode Summary

On the set of her latest woman-in-jeopardy TV movie, Tori develops a crush on Scott, a hunky gaffer.  He seems interested, but Tori gets frustrated because no matter what she does, Scott still doesn't ask her out.  Finally, with some prodding from Janey, Tori decides to throw a party at her condo in order to spend some time with Scott outside of work.  But the carefully-planned party turns into a fiasco when a series of troublesome events--Pete brings some skanky girls, Sasan brings his annoying parents, Farrah Fawcett crashes--is capped by the revelation that Sasan's mother Touca is wearing something of Tori's that her mother Kiki auctioned of on eBay without her knowledge.