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  1.   So NoTORIous: Whole

    Check out this "Wicked Short" version of episode 2 and find out the true story of Tori's new beau.

    Air Date: 4/02/06

Full Episode Summary

After an embarrassing date at a comedy club where the comic started bashing her, Tori is convinced her new boyfriend Scott is weirded out by her. When she finally works up the nerve to talk to him about it, he tells her he's not weirded out at all because he's "whole." Wholeness is a group that has helped him a lot, and he encourages her to check it out. At first, Tori enjoys being a part of Wholeness, and even makes a failed attempt to "reach out" to her mother to get her to join. Her friends all find reasons to check it out well. But eventually Tori finds the rules of Wholeness too self-serving and hypocritical, and breaks off both with Wholeness and with Scott.