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  1.   So NoTORIous: Accomodating

    Check out the FULL episode of "Accomodating" and see who wins the battle over her own terri-TORI.

    Air Date: 4/19/06

  2.   So NoTORIous: Episode 3 After-Party

    Check out exclusives from episode 3 and party with TORI and the cast all around L.A

    Air Date: 4/09/06

Full Episode Summary

Pete's new skanky girlfriend is driving Tori up the wall with her lack of respect for Tori's space. Instead of just talking to Pete about it, Tori's fear of confrontation leads her to shack up first with Janey, then with Sasan and his parents. After these both prove to be undesirable living situations, a homeless Tori reluctantly ends up back at the mansion. Kiki proves less than welcoming, and when Nanny finds out what has been going on, she insists that Tori go home and confront Pete.