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  1.   So NoTORIous: Episode 4 After-Party

    Check out exclusives from episode 4 and party with TORI and the cast all around L.A

    Air Date: 4/16/06

  2.   So NoTORIous: Street

    Watch a "Wicked Short" version of episode 3 and see a leatherclad Tori whip the industry into shape.

    Air Date: 4/10/06

Full Episode Summary

Tori desperately wants to land the role of a tough prostitute in a gritty docudrama, and can't even get an audition. She enlists Janey, Sasan, and Ruthie to accompany her to the premiere of the director's latest movie to try to get to him directly, but she fails. Still looking for a way in, Tori decides to put an audition on tape, and she and her friends go to the Pleasure Chest to buy the appropriate props. At the Pleasure Chest, Tori sees an old co-star she wants to avoid and dives behind a counter of dildos to avoid her. Driving away, Tori realizes her beloved Blackberry is missing. She calls it. A guy answers and starts teasing her, instigating a cat-and-mouse game. Tori, Janey, Sasan, and Ruthie end up spending the rest of the night wandering the mean streets of Hollywood trying to get her Blackberry back, and in the process, Tori gets a little bit of street cred.