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  1.   So NoTORIous | Episode 105 | Highlights

    Check out the FULL episode of So NoTORIous "Jealous" and find out who Tori and her mother are fighting over.

    Air Date: 4/26/06

Full Episode Summary

Tori meets handsome and successful plastic surgeon Carter. Enamored with each other, the two quickly begin spending quality time. With things going so well, Tori impulsively invites Carter to dinner at the mansion with Kiki. Although Kiki's never paid much attention to any guy Tori's brought home before, she takes an instant liking to charming Carter. Tori is very surprised. As is Sasan, normally Kiki's favorite, who does not appreciate the competition. Complications arise when Kiki and Carter begin lunching and shopping together on their own. With Sasan sulking and Tori confused, Nanny attempts to help them both. But Tori can't get over the fact that someone she likes could ever get along with her mother.