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  1.   So NoTORIous: Cursed

    Check out the FULL episode of "Cursed" and see why Whoopie Goldberg has Tori in her underpants.

    Air Date: 4/26/06

  2.   So NoTORIous Marathon After-Party

    Check out exclusives from episode 5 and 6 and party with TORI and the cast all around L.A

    Air Date: 4/23/06

Full Episode Summary

Being crowned worst dressed by a tabloid was enough to ruin Tori's day. But after Mimi La Rue is diagnosed with worms and Tori's replaced on her latest "F" movie, and a terrible migraine sets in, she becomes convinced this is more than bad luck. She's been cursed! While the notion seems ridiculous at first, her friends can't deny that all evidence points to Kiki putting the "evil eye" on Tori. At the recommendation of Ruthie Rose, Tori takes an appointment with celebrated Santeria priestess Mama Belle. After some chaotic cleansings that involve cheap perfume and a live chicken, Tori's luck actually seems to turn back around. Now Kiki wants to know her secret...