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  1.   So NoTORIous: 'Soulful' After-Party

    Check out exclusives from 'Soulful' and party with TORI and the cast all around L.A

    Air Date: 5/14/06

  2.   So NoTORIous: Soulful

    Check out the FULL episode of So NoTORIous "Soulful" and see what's got Tori singing 'Joy to the World'!

    Air Date: 5/14/06

  3.   So NoTORIous: Episode 7 After-Party

    Get down with Tori and friends and take a detour to her favorite L.A. sex shop.

    Air Date: 4/30/06

Full Episode Summary

It's Mother's Day and Tori is relieved to discover that Kiki is away on a cruise in Mexico. Tori plans to spend the day with Nanny instead, visiting her church on Crenshaw Boulevard where Tori has many treasured childhood memories. But an outbreak of food poisoning sees Kiki returning home prematurely and, much to Tori's chagrin, she decides to tag along. Kiki in Crenshaw?! Tori is prepared for the worst and sure enough, even with Tori monitoring her every move, Kiki gets completely caught up in the spirit of the congregation. When Tori ends up embarrassing herself trying to contain her mother's enthusiasm, Nanny steps in to straighten her out. She reminds her the true spirit of "Mother's Day"...realizing you're stuck with your family whether you like it or not.