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  107  Show Clips  So NoTORIous After-Party | Episode 107 | Highlights 5/14/06 
  107  Show Clips  So NoTORIous | Episode 107 | Highlights 5/14/06 
  110  Show Clips  So NoTORIous After-Party | Episode 110 | Highlights 5/07/06 
  110  Show Clips  So NoTORIous | Episode 110 | Highlights 5/07/06 
  109  Show Clips  So NoTORIous | Episode 109 | Highlights 5/02/06 


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About So NoTORIous

Forget everything you've ever heard about Tori Spelling.  OK, maybe not everything.  It's true, her dad is the most successful TV producer of all time and she did spend a decade playing the virginal Donna Martin on his hit show Beverly Hills 90210.  But now that Tori has left that zip code and her parents' mansion behind, she wants the same things we all do: friendship, respect, and love. 

Used to tabloid scrutiny, Tori navigates life with a self-deprecating sense of humor and the support of a loyal crew of friends she's known since high school. She has a devoted manager who rabidly disputes assumptions that Tori isn't capable of taking on a serious role--and keeps the TV movie offers coming in the meantime. Her beloved nanny, who raised her, is still always available whenever Tori needs a reality check.  Whatever her critics say, though, the most intense scrutiny still comes from Tori's own mother, Kiki. The ultimate Beverly Hills housewife, Kiki demands perfection, a standard Tori tries and usually fails to meet.

In addition to Loni Anderson who plays Tori's mother "Kiki," the show also features Cleo King as "Margaret," the nanny who raised Tori from a baby and is still always there for her, and Jeanetta Arnette as her frenetic and doting manager "Ruthie Rose." Tori is surrounded by an eclectic group of friends: "Pete," her self-involved roommate played by James Carpinello, "Janey," an ambitious, acerbic real estate agent played by Brennan Hesser and "Sasan," a haughty, gay Persian American played by Zachary Quinto. The only other regular cast member playing herself is Mimi La Rue, Tori's dog, the most fashionable (and indolent) pug west of the Mississippi.