Full Episode Summary

It's Day 1 at Sober House. As Dr. Drew's patients start to arrive at their new sober living house in the Hollywood Hills, a few of them worry about their ability to make it through all 30 days sober. The first to arrive, Amber Smith meets new House "mom," Jennifer Gimenez, and learns the rules the residents will be expected to follow which include a list of chores. Seth Binzer doesn't have a problem with chores nor does he with showing Jennifer that she's going to have her hands full with him. Luckily, Rodney King knows that his sobriety has to stick. He's run out of second chances.

Nikki McKibbin has never lived in the real world sober and is depending on Sober House to be a safe place for her to learn how to function without alcohol. Mary Carey from season 1 of "Celebrity Rehab" was invited to join Dr. Drew's patients from season 2 in an effort to see if in a more supportive living environment she'll take her sobriety more seriously. Then Steven Adler arrives... noticeably high. Upon checking Steven's bags, Jennifer finds drug paraphernalia which Steven is none too willing to take responsibility for bringing with him into the house. His suspicious behavior puts Jennifer on edge and affects the other Sober House residents who are experts at knowing when someone is using or not. Clearly none of them were expecting to be faced with drugs on their first day in the house.

Uncertain of how to handle Steven, Jennifer gets help from Will, Dr. Drew's rehab tech from "Celebrity Rehab." Upon searching Steven, Will finds heroin on him. This is MUCH more than Jennifer bargained for, so she feels she has no choice but to call in Dr. Drew. Once he arrives, Jennifer fills him in on the situation and tells him she doesn't feel that Steven should be allowed to remain in the house.

Dr. Drew sits down with Steven to let him know what's at stake. Not only does Drew fear Steven won't be able to remain sober, he's also putting his housemates in jeopardy and that can't happen. Bob Forrest, Steven's counselor from "Celebrity Rehab" weighs in on the best plan of action. Together the treatment team decides it's in everyone's best interest to send Steven to Will's house for the night so that he can be monitored until he sobers up.

Given Steven's relapse, Dr. Drew feels it's important to establish boundaries with the rest of his patients. He wants them to understand that things are going to be different in Sober House than they were in rehab. Drew can't be there every time something goes wrong. His patients are supposed to be living independently in Sober House which means it's up to them to decide to live sober and behave accordingly.

Aware that the Sober Livers will eat her alive if she doesn't remain firm, Jennifer lets them all know that she'll kick Steven out if he has one more transgression. This hard line causes Seth to question his sobriety. While he feels that his heart is in the right place when it comes to being sober... his head is not. And he, for one, believes the rules should be more flexible.