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  1.   Episode 8 Show Clips

    Check out these highlights to see Andy repair his relationships and Nikki prepare for her first sober performance!

    Air Date: 3/05/09

Full Episode Summary

There are only a few days left in Sober House. The episode begins with Mary's decision to go to Swingfest. Everyone in the house thinks it's a bad and dangerous decision since Mary is going with David, her manager, who is less than supportive of her new sobriety. We briefly see her at Swingfest, and it is clear she is conflicted over her decision to go and is not having a good time. When Mary returns to the house a couple of days later, Seth tells Jen she better test her. Mary admits to Jen that she was tempted to use, but since she had a bad cold didn't. The tests are clean, but Mary admits to Jen that she feels as though she has "cheated" since she believes she would have used if she had been well.

The next day, Andy takes a critical step forward in his recovery when he meets with Dr. Sophie, a colleague of Dr. Drew's. Dr. Sophie makes it clear to Andy that for him to heal he needs to start making amends to those he has hurt in the past. Making amends is at the core of all 12-step programs. Andy's first amends is with Mo, a stand up comic who is now been sober for over a year. Mo and Andy partied together for a number of years and Mo brings Andy to tears as she recalls the number of times he hurt her emotionally, particularly when he said mean and destructive things to her former husband. Throughout the show Andy will continue to make amends, and has honest and candid conversations with both a club owner who threw a drunken Andy out of his bars a number of times as well as a former assistant, who paints a vivid picture of what a difficult person Andy is when he's using.

As Andy starts to make amends, Rodney meets with Dr. Drew and decides that his goal, to continue his life long recovery, is to make his own home into a sober living facility. Dr. Drew thinks that is a great idea and arranges for Rodney to meet with Jamie, who runs a sober house, and gives him practical advice about how to structure a sober living program. As Rodney starts to clean his home, he begins to doubt whether he can transform it into a sober living facility in light of the magnitude of the job of renovating it. His house is filthy and worn down and needs an enormous amount of work done for others to live there.