Styled By June

about Styled By June

When you think of the fashion world you think photo spreads, models, runways, and amazing opulent outfits. But fashion is more than what you're wearing. It's about your attitude. It's about branding. And, more important, it's about staying relevant in the public eye.

VH1 goes inside the world of fashion in a unique docu-soap series with the ultimate "Curator Of Style"- June Ambrose. She is THE celebrity stylist. From Puffy to Jay-Z, she rebranded hip-hop as upscale in the 1990s. And in the 21st century, she has reshaped and re-launched the careers of hundreds of celebs including Mariah Carey, Mary J Blige, and Will Smith. June pushes the envelope and specializes in the unexpected, making us all stand up and take notice.

June is a triple threat. She is a design guru and styling expert, a rebranding genius, and a rock mom to boot (to two kids Chance, 10, and Summer, 7). In this series, June forges forward revamping her clients with her group of trusty assistants. There's Eli, the neurotic but loveable style maverick - otherwise known as her second husband. There's Tukie, her market editor. If you want to get to June, you have to go through Tukie first. And there's Rachel, her newbie assistant. She's a socialite/actress who's trying to make it in the fashion world but sometimes gets too caught up in the chaos and fun of it all.

Together the team takes celebrities and reimagines their look and brand. Each episode will follow a celebrity's EMANCIPATION (a June-ism), culminating in a re-launch that coincides with a high profile event: new album, new tour, new music video, etc.

This isn't just a show about style, it's a show about business: Look and attitude are the keys to success. June is one of very few people--some would say the only person--who understand how to use the look to drive the culture, and then to drive the dollars.

While we follow this season-long arc, we will show June juggling her clients and her personal life. She's all left-brain. Her assistants can hardly keep up with her energy and vigor as she manages a burgeoning empire that now includes a new eyewear line for Selima Optique. Eli, Tukie, and Rachel struggle to meet June's snowballing demands as they learn how to live in her "June-iverse".