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  1.   Supergroup: Episode 1 Exclusives

    See the boys hang with VH1 Classic's Eddie Trunk and watch outrageous clips of Sebastian being...well, himself.

    Air Date: 5/21/06

  2.   Supergroup: Episode 1

    Watch the "Wicked Short" of 5 seasoned rockers convene to save rock n' roll or kill each other trying.

    Air Date: 5/21/06

  3.   Supergroup Video Playlist

    Psych up for the series premiere with videos from Skid Row, Anthrax, The Nuge and Biohazard.

    Air Date: 5/17/06

Full Episode Summary

The five Rock Warriors descend on their spectacular, if gaudy Vegas digs and meet their new Bandmates. Manager Doc McGhee delivers their mission -- they must become a band, write a new song, and perform for a live Las Vegas Audience in just 12 days. As tough as that sounds, it seems the most daunting task will be agreeing on a name for the band. While Scott Ian and Sebastian Bach get to live their childhood dream, being in a band with Ted Nugent, Evan Seinfeld resists Ted's pull toward "Old Man Rock" and the two bump heads during rehearsal. To quote Evan, "At some point, somebody's going to have to tell somebody else that something sucks."