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  1.   Supergroup: Episode 3 Outtakes and Interviews

    Check out goofy and poignant outtakes from episode 3 and exclusive Q&A interviews with Eddie Trunk.

    Air Date: 6/05/06

  2.   Supergroup: Episode 3

    Tension mounts as the Sebastian and Doc face off and the band endure an arduous photo-shoot.

    Air Date: 6/04/06

Full Episode Summary

Surprise, in the clear light of day, the band is having second thoughts about their new name. But that's the least of their problems. After slaving over the demo for the band's first song, "Take it Back," Evan and Sebastian play it for Doc, who is unimpressed, and unable to hide it. Sebastian's front man ego (and his drinking) are starting to grate on the rest of the band, and they look to Uncle Ted to reel him in. Meanwhile, Jason faces a mysterious hand injury that threatens to take him out of the game.