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  1.   Supergroup: Episode 4 Extras and Interviews

    See porn star Tera Patrick in a sexy photo shoot and hear how Led Zeppelin gave their stamp of approval.

    Air Date: 6/11/06

  2.   Supergroup: Episode 4

    The band is branded "dated" and they still can't pick a band name. Will it all work out? Watch and see!

    Air Date: 6/11/06

Full Episode Summary

Unimpressed with the band's demo for "Take it Back," but unsure of how to deliver the news to the band, Doc enlists the help of revered rock Producer Rob Cavalo (Green Day) to critique the song. Ted voices concern that Sebastian might be swallowing the vocals on the venerable Nugent classics. Meanwhile, Evan's wife (Porn Superstar Tera Patrick) arrives, as does Sebastian's wife, Maria (aspiring Porn Superstar?). Will what happens in Vegas cause problems back home?