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  1.   Supergroup: Exclusive Live Performances and More!

    Check out Damnocracy's live performances and roundtable discussions about the show!

    Air Date: 7/02/06

  2.   Supergroup: Sex, Fights & Rock N'Roll

    Check out the hottest, most raucous and rockingest moments from season 1 of Supergroup!

    Air Date: 8/30/06

  3.   Supergroup: Episode 7 Season Finale!

    Watch the final episode and see if the band pulls off their live debut or if it all falls apart in the end.

    Air Date: 7/02/06

  4.   Supergroup: Sebastian Bach's Greatest Hits

    Watch the Skid Row and Supergroup singer in all his unhinged and hilarious glory.

    Air Date: 6/13/06

Full Episode Summary

Uncle Ted stages a fireside meal with the band to instill "tribal spirit" before the final gig. But chaos descends on the band when Evan goes MIA hours before "Damnocracy" is set to take the stage. Will the show go on???