1. Verne TroyerVerne Troyer

    Born and raised in Michigan, Troyer had never planned on a career in show business until he met stunt coordinator Freddie Fields who persuaded him to join the stunt team on a John Hughes' film; Troyer made his motion picture debut in "Baby's Day Out." Although he thought the film was a one-time lark, his innate athletic ability and infectious personality secured him steady work in the entertainment industry. On television Troyer has been seen in the series "Shasta McNasty," "VIP," and "Jack of all Trades."

    Whether as an actor or stuntman, Verne Troyer has appeared in numerous movies and television shows, garnering an incredible following since first appearing in "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me." Among his film credits are "Instinct," "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas," "My Giant," "Mighty Joe Young, "Jingle All the Way," "Men in Black," "Bubble Boy," "The Grinch who Stole Christmas," and "Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone."

  2. Andrea LowellAndrea Lowell

    Andrea Lowell is an actress and model most recognizable from her Playboy magazine pictorials and on air work for a variety of Playboy TV programs.

    Andrea began stage acting at six and modelling at eleven. To date she has appeared in Playboy over twelve times, Playboy Special Editions at least a dozen times, Perfect 10 magazine once, starred on several Playboy TV shows, appeared as a host in Girls Gone Wild, and appeared in several television commercials, television shows, and movies. In 2006 Andrea appeared as a cast member in the sixth season of the VH1 reality television series, The Surreal Life. She will also appear in the Surreal Life Fame Games, airing in January of 2007.

    Other media appearances including: VH1's The Surreal Life #6" (Cast Member), "On the Record with Greta van Susteren" (interview on Fox News Channel about "Girls Gone Wild" PPV special), The Howard Stern Show (Radio Guest), Guest Host on Playboy's "Night Calls" radio show (on Sirius Satellite Radio) and (anchor).

    Andrea Lowell is also Miss 2006. is an online gambling site, which she spokesmodels for. She will be starring in the new Playboy TV program, Canoga Park, which begins filming in November of 2006. In 2007, Andrea will make her feature film debut, in the motion picture Jason and Ross.

  3. Emmanuel LewisEmmanuel Lewis

    A native of Brooklyn, N.Y., Lewis began his career at the age of 9, when he started doing national and regional commercials. Among his first jobs was a Jell-O Pudding commercial, part of the successful campaign featuring Bill Cosby. He had already appeared in over 50 commercials when he was tapped to do a series of national spots for Burger King. Those spots won him a CLIO award for Best Male Actor and also landed him the leading role on Webster. In 1985, 1986 and 1987, Lewis won the People's Choice Award for Best Young Television Performer for his work on Webster.

    After Webster, Lewis enrolled in Clark Atlanta University and earned his Bachelors of Arts degree in Theatre Arts. He also continued working in television throughout the '90s, making guest appearances on various series including Family Matters, In the House, Moesha, Malcolm & Eddie and Good vs. Evil. In 2003 he appeared in Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star and The Surreal Life.

  4. Robin LeachRobin Leach

    From a very early age Robin Leach knew he wanted to be involved in the communications world. During high school at Harrow County Grammar 20 miles from London, he edited the class magazine at age 11 and the school magazine at 14! At age 15 he became a general news reporter for The Harrow Observer and started a monthly glossy town magazine at age 17. Leach moved on to the prestigious Daily Mail as Britain's youngest page one reporter at age 18. In 1963, he emigrated to America and wrote for a number of publications (New York Daily News, People, Ladies Home Journal etc.) before launching GO Magazine and then was show business editor of The Star and Rupert Murdoch's worldwide publications for 10 years.

    Leach began his television career simultaneously on KABC-TV in Los Angeles and WABC-TV in New York. In 1980, he joined CNN's "People Tonight" and also helped launch "Entertainment Tonight" for which he was roving editor for its first three years. In 1983 Robin created Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous which ran 14 unprecedented years. Leach has produced and hosted over 300 hours of TV series and specials including the ABC-TV daytime series Fame Fortune & Romance. A new updated look at the worlds wealthiest people and their platinum possessions "Life of Luxury" was broadcast on the ABC TV network winning top ratings for the night . His newest series is Fame Games for VH1 which gets underway Sept,2006 at 9pm primetime Sundays. The ten 1-hour shows were filmed in Las Vegas.

    He hosted a nightly primetime call-in talk show in 1993 to launch the new Television Food Network, a 24-hour cable channel, for which he also acted as spokesman with cable affiliates until 1998. His weekend series for The Food Network "Gourmet Getaways" began in 1996 with Leach showcasing the world's greatest vacation resorts and their chefs and recipes. Episodes of the one-hour series were filmed in North Africa, Hawaii, Europe and Asia. For the 4th consecutive year he hosted MTV's Worlds Most Expensive Video's Countdown special. He was celebrity judge on PBS's Masterchefs series and A&E's Top Ten Celebrity Chefs special. Leach appeared regularly on the syndicated Extra series.. He developed a new live latenight special Penthouse Vegas which he produced and hosted. Robin joined nine other Hollywood castaways to brave the wild outback of Australia on ABC's live primetime February 03 ratings period program "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here" which broadcast over 15 consecutive nights with viewers voting live for their favorites.

    Currently Leach is partnering in a new state of the art HD television studio production facility in Las Vegas where he makes numerous guest appearances on programs from the resort playground/gaming mecca. In addition his Total Vegas Television company provides video vignettes for AmericaOnLine's website and his LuxeLife journal is also featured there five days a week Mon-Fri.

  5. Vanilla IceVanilla Ice

    Robert Matthew "Vanilla Ice" Van Winkle (is an American rapper, known for the single "Ice Ice Baby," which topped the charts in the early-1990s (see 1990s in music). At the time, he was one of the few successful white rappers.

    Actor Todd Bridges demolished Van Winkle during a Celebrity Boxing event, also in 2002. Ice was knocked down several times during the event, and was soundly defeated. There were two different endings taped, but only one shown, the one Ice lost.

    In 2004, Van Winkle starred in the second season of The Surreal Life on The WB. This brought some interest in him from the public, and a website was launched. In the same year, he appeared on British television in the first season of the Reality TV show The Farm on five in which he came second. He was also cast in the film The Helix...Loaded, a parody of The Matrix.

    In June 2005, Van Winkle won the second round of NBC's hit TV show Hit Me Baby One More Time, performing "Ice Ice Baby" and covering Destiny's Child's hit "Survivor". He also appeared on a VH1 special entitled "Remaking Vanilla Ice", which featured the revamped Van Winkle in preparation for his new album "Platinum Underground", released August 16, 2005. Ice also appeared on the series Damage Control, on MTV2.

  6. Brigitte NielsenBrigitte Nielsen

    Brigitte Nielsen is a Danish actress who became very popular in 1980s B-movies, most notably as the titular character in Red Sonja, due to her stature (she stands at 6 ft 1 in, or 185 cm, tall) and sultry looks. Because of these attributes, she was termed an "Amazon" by the world press.

    Nielsen reached the peak of her fame in 1987, when she played the assassin Karla Fry in Beverly Hills Cop II.

    In the 1990s, she hosted an English-language talk show that was broadcast across Europe, to much acclaim. The show revived public interest in Nielsen and helped her brush off the misconception that she could only be known for her beauty.
    She has worked for Italian television hosting hit shows such as the 1992 edition of the Sanremo Music Festival; Retromarsh (1995-1997), and sai l'ultima? (1999); starring in the tv movie Fantaghiro and its sequels (1992-1996); and guest starring in the soap opera Un posto al sole (2000).

  7. Joanie "Chyna Doll" LaurerJoanie "Chyna Doll" Laurer

    Chyna was born on December 27th 1970. Her real name is Joanie Laurer. Her parents, Joe and Tina, divorced when she was young. Her father was an alcoholic and her mother (Chyna said) had a new guy every year. In an interview she said that weight lifting was her way out from that situation. She was basically raised by her sister Kathy. Chyna's first boyfriend and weight-trainer was Gerry Blais.

    Before she became a professional wrestler she worked as a belly dancer, pager salesperson, and she even had a band. In those early days she traveled all over the world.

    One night Chyna was watching TV with her sister Kathy and saw a WWF fight. She decided to try it. Her first destination was "Killer" Kowalski's Wrestling School were she graduated as one of the best and do I have to mention that she was the only girl there. After graduation she met Triple H and Shawn Michaels who helped her start her WWF career. She decided to call herself Chyna and the fans gave her a new nickname - The Ninth Wonder of the World.

    She was the first woman to compete in the Royal Rumble and King of the Ring tournament and she was a first women which hold a men's title in he WWF by defeating Jeff Jarrett for the Intercontinental title in 1999..

  8. Sandy "Pepa" DentonSandy "Pepa" Denton

    Sandra "Pepa" Denton is an American R&B / hip-hop singer, and a member of the female rap trio known as Salt-N-Pepa. Her family moved to Queens, New York when she was a child. In 1985, while studying nursing at Queensborough Community College, she met Cheryl "Salt" James. They began rapping together under the name 'Salt-N-Pepa'. The duo made their debut that year with an album called Hot, Cool, & Vicious. In 1988, Deidra "Spinderella" Roper joined Salt-N-Pepa, as their DJ. Denton, James and Roper released their second album, A Salt with a Deadly Pepa in 1988.

  9. Ron JeremyRon Jeremy

    Ron Jeremy (born Ron Jeremy Hyatt on March 12, 1953) is an American pornographic actor currently residing in Long Island, New York Nicknamed the Hedgehog for his "spherical hirsuteness", he was ranked by AVN Magazine at #1 in their "50 Top Porn Stars of All Time" list. Ron has also made appearances in non-pornographic flims with studios such as Troma Entertainment.

    Outside the adult film industry, Jeremy worked as a "special consultant" for the 1985 film 9˝ Weeks and also appeared in the second season of the reality television series, The Surreal Life alongside Vanilla Ice, Tammy Faye, and Erik Estrada

  10. C.C. DevilleC.C. Deville

    C.C. DeVille co-wrote Poison's debut album with Bret Michaels. Look What the Cat Dragged In was released on May 16, 1986. It included three hits, "Talk Dirty to Me," "I Want Action," and "I Won't Forget You." Sales for the album topped 2 million copies. DeVille also wrote much of the material for Poison's second album, Open Up And Say...Ahh!, which was released on May 21, 1988 and would ultimately go on to sell 8 million copies worldwide. It included the hit song "Nothin' But A Good Time", co-written by DeVille.

    In 1990, DeVille performed lead guitar on Warrant's hit song "Cherry Pie" (from the album of the same name). A significant growth in DeVille's songwriting prowess and musicianship became evident on the Poison record Flesh and Blood, released the the same year. However, by this time, it had also become apparent that DeVille had a problem with cocaine and alcohol. Resulting friction with Michaels led to DeVille leaving the band for an extended period.

    During his absence from Poison, DeVille performed on the Son-In-Law soundtrack, under the name of The C.C. DeVille Experience. He also played in the Los Angeles band Needle Park.
    In 2001, C.C. DeVille provided the inspiration for C.C. Banana, an improv comic who impersonated DeVille while dressed in a large yellow banana costume. C.C. Banana has since gone on to have a career of his own by interviewing and harassing other rock stars and celebrities.

    DeVille appeared on VH1's reality television show The Surreal Life in March 2006, the same day he got out of rehab. DeVille recently tasted Billboard chart success with the Poison release The Best Of Poison: 20 Years Of Rock which charted at #17; the compilation celebrates Poison's 20th anniversary, a large United States tour followed the release.

    DeVille played lead guitar as a guest on a Motörhead's song "God Was Never On Your Side" from their latest album Kiss of Death.