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  1.   Surreal Life Fame Games | Episode 101 | Bonus Clips

    Take a look at bizarre extras featuring Ron Jeremy, Brigitte Nielsen and hot tub action with Andrea Lowell.

    Air Date: 1/07/07

  2.   Surreal Life Fame Games | Episode 101 | Highlights

    Check out the "Wicked Short" version of the first episode and see a new round of celebrity insanity.

    Air Date: 1/07/07

Full Episode Summary

They're baaaaaaack! But not in the way one might have expected. Ten of the most notable celebrities from the first six seasons of The Surreal Life have gathered together at a beautiful mansion in Las Vegas, Nevada to have their skills and notoriety put to the test to determine which famous face has the most game. Its equal parts reality show, competition show and game show rolled into one outrageous romp! Host Robin Leach welcomes the gang to the house and lays down the rules -- the one celebrity left standing on the red-carpet will win $100,000 and an invitation back to the A-List. The first challenge they face is 'Celebrity Autograph,' pitting celebrity against celebrity in a showdown to see which competitor can get the most fans to request their autograph. The bottom three will be faced with playing our in-house game show 'Back to Reality.' The top player will be allowed to return the mansion while the bottom two, though still in the game, are banned to the dreaded 'B-List", a wing of the house where the lodgings are shabby and the food is crappy.