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  1.   Episode 2 Bonus Clips

    Check out red hot extras featuring Andrea's uncut milk-bath your and a profile of Traci Bingham.

    Air Date: 1/14/07

  2.   Sex, Size & Videotape Show Clips

    This "Wicked Short" gets kinky when the Surreal Lifers are asked to make a scandalous video.

    Air Date: 1/14/07

Full Episode Summary

The clear division between the "A" and "B" List becomes apparent as the A-listers receive star pampering at a Las Vegas show while the B's, stuck in their digs, get a less-than-stellar visit from "Marshmallow The Clown." The next day, Robin Leach announces the second challenge -- "Scandal Video." Since every celeb knows that a good public scandal can help launch a new career (or boost a waning one), they are given the task to team-up and record their own version of video-Babylon. Three celebrity guest judges are brought in to screen and choose the winning salacious vid. As the winners are safe, three cast-mates from the losing teams are chosen for the next round of 'Back to Reality,' which may prove problematic unless they can decipher "What's Charo Saying?" The two celebs that 'get lost' in the translation go straight back to the B-List.