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  1.   Episode 3 Bonus Clips

    Watch hilarious extras including Ron and Brigitte's almost hook-up and other crazy footage.

    Air Date: 1/21/07

  2.   Down & Out on the B-List Show Clips

    Check out this "Wicked Shorts" to see who will remain A-List royalty and who falls out of favor.

    Air Date: 1/21/07

Full Episode Summary

As the dreaded B-List swells to four members, the chasm between the two teams widens as the A-List continues to receive preferential treatment. This time it's a lovely day on the tennis court with fine tennis wear, private lessons, and a champagne brunch in perfect contrast to the Ping Pong, hot wings and beer left for the B-list. The next day, Robin Leach presents them with their third trial, the "Green Screen Challenge." A production staple of most mega-movies, every top star knows how to work in this medium. In this acting challenge, our cast will have to give believable performances without the benefit of being on a location. The scenes will not be easy -- fighting with a Yetti in a snowstorm or having to snuggle up to a 'firewoman' -- our celebs will really have to pull out all the stops to win the vote of our famous casting producer -- who will judge and pick the winner.

Once again, three of the losers take their turn at a new "Back to Reality" game called "Whose Bastard Is This?" The contestants will have to successfully identify the two celebrities that have been morphed together in a photo. The loser from this game will be kicked to the B-List making the teams an even five vs. five. From this point forward, the teams will go head to head.