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  1.   Episode 4 Bonus Clips

    Between trashing hotel rooms, body shots, and hot tubs, it's safe to say our Fame Gamers are true rock stars!

    Air Date: 1/28/07

  2.   Chyna Doll Syndrome Show Clips

    When it comes to damaging hotel rooms, it's more then just a game this week! Check out who is going home!

    Air Date: 1/28/07

Full Episode Summary

The A-List team continues to get top drawer treatment as celebrity chef Todd English arrives at their doorstop to prepare an exquisite meal for them as the less fortunate B-List is 'treated' to a hot dog cart in the driveway. Later that night, the two teams come together for a group outing, but instead of good times, the night explodes into a fight of epic proportions over the controversial "strip club" party they are to attend. The next morning there is no time to dwell on the previous night's controversies, as the teams must face their next task, "Hotel Trash Challenge." Imitating the right of passage ritual of true rock star style, the teams are given identical hotel rooms and the mission of trashing them to see who can do the most damage. What's at stake? While the winning team will be safe, the losing team must send three of its players "Back to Reality." This time however, after the game, the loser will receive the dubious distinction of being the first celebrity eliminated from the Fame Games competition.