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  1.   Episode 5 Bonus Clips

    Watch gaseous footage from Adrianne Curry's surreal visit and go "Behind The Ron" with these VSPOT extras.

    Air Date: 2/11/07

  2.   V for Variety Show Clips

    Adrianne Curry, Rubber Chicken Shots and Lingerie, this episode has it all! Watch the "Wicked Short."

    Air Date: 2/11/07

Full Episode Summary

A-Lister treats continue as that team is whisked off for a day of pampering while the B-Listers are left behind with a "tonal masseur." The evening turns a little more surreal after a surprise visit from Adrianne Curry and Christopher Knight results in a full-frontal course of 'naked sushi' with all the cast members. Even after Adrianne and Christopher bid adieu the housemates continue drinking late into the night and things get really weird (can you say "rubber chicken shots?") The next morning the sober and hung-over cast members alike are introduced to their next challenge. Each team will have to put on a live Variety show in front of a studio audience at the V Theater. Determined by audience applause, one team will win and be safe from elimination, and one team will send 3 members to the "Back to Reality" competition. In a rousing game of "Celebrity Go Fish," the one player who loses the card game also loses the chance of $100,000 and will be kicked off the show.