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  1.   Episode 6 Bonus Clips

    Between taking shots out of a rubber chicken and figuring out the coffee maker, it's been crazy in this house!

    Air Date: 2/18/07

  2.   Pretty Women Show Clips

    The competition heats up when the Fame Gamers need to pick prostitutes out of a crowd to stay on the A-List.

    Air Date: 2/18/07

Full Episode Summary

Another day and another treat for the A-listers as they attend a gourmet lunch at Spago with their host Robin Leach while the B-listers nosh at a Hofbrau house drinking beer and doing the Chicken Dance. Soon enough though, the treats turn to tricks as the teams learn the next competition is aptly named the "Hooker Challenge." As Hugh Grant & Eddie Murphy have literally testified, few things can damage your A-List reputation more than getting caught with a hooker. Our teams enter a room full of 60 women -- 20 are hookers, and 40 not. The two teams each have a VIP section where they can invite 15 lovely ladies to join them behind the velvet rope. In the end, whoever has the fewest number of working girls in their VIP section will win. The team that loses will again have to choose 3 people to battle it out in the "Back to Reality" game show. This time the game on deck is "The Real Bling." Can these players tell the difference between real and faux? The one who can't will be turned out on the street -- at least now they know people.