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  1.   Episode 7 Bonus Clips

    This week's episode brings you some of the best outtakes and extras! Check out these clips!

    Air Date: 3/04/07

  2.   Dial "M" for Mommy Show Clips

    Whose famous friends will save them from elimination this week? Check out these wicked shorts!

    Air Date: 3/04/07

Full Episode Summary

At this stage in the game 7 players remain. Team A-List and B-List are dissolved leaving each contestant alone in their battle for complete celebrity domination. For their first solo competition called the "Famous Friends Challenge," the cast-mates will be tested by the industry standard that equates the image of success, access and power to the little black book and 'who you know.' Armed with a bank of telephones, the players will compete in a telethon of sorts where they will call everyone and anyone they know that is famous. "I have Russell Simmons on the phone." "I've got Venus Williams." "Ludacris is on the line." In the end, pop culture commentator, Kennedy will come in and rank the top 50 celebrities in order of "fame." The contestant with the LEAST number of "famous" people on the phone list will be eliminated from the competition immediately.