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  1.   Episode 8 Bonus Clips

    Check out these hilarious extras including a few words from the infamous rubber chicken!

    Air Date: 3/11/07

  2.   Peeping Toms Show Clips

    Will the paparazzi catch these Fame Gamers in compromising positions? Check out these Wicked Short clips!

    Air Date: 3/11/07

Full Episode Summary

After a grueling day stuck inside the phone bank, the cast is told they have earned a day to relax poolside. But what they don't know is that this "day off" is actually a competition. As all real A-list celebrities know, you have to be on your game at all times and beware of paparazzi photographers. As our cast lounges by the pool, several photographers sneak around taking photographs of them unaware and unprepared. When the gang returns to the house, they are greeted by Chris Wilson of the infamous New York Post Page Six and find out that their poolside lay-about was really a competition. Chris proceeds to share the incriminating photos from the day -- exposed breasts, questionable embraces, visible butt cracks, etc. The three players that have the worst photos will be sent to the elimination game show, "Back to Reality," where one celebreality misfit will be sent home.