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  1.   Episode 9 Bonus Clips

    See more hilarious clips with your fave Famers and find out why it's OK for Traci to snuggle Verne!

    Air Date: 3/18/07

  2.   Five Weasly Pieces Show Clips

    The Fame Gamers must meet and keep their biggest fans. See who stays connected and who falls off.

    Air Date: 3/18/07

Full Episode Summary

The five remaining cast-mates are rewarded with an exclusive trip to meet the famous Mayor of Las Vegas. During the visit, the Mayor proclaims that day "Surreal Life Day" and the cast members are ecstatic. The cast returns home and learns of their next trial called "Fan Challenge." After an exhaustive search, our celebs' biggest fans have been brought to the house. In a test of ultimate endurance, these fan club presidents & diehard fanatics are given the mandate to keep their hand on their respective celebrity ALL DAY. If they remove their hand, they will be eliminated from the game. The first 3 celebrities that lose the game will be sent "Back to Reality." In this round, the contestants will view partial soundbites of their fellow cast-mates and will be asked to fill in the blank to win. The first two contests to successfully complete the phrases will be safe while the odd man will be out -- of luck and out of the house!