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  1.   Wild Finale Bonus Clips

    Watch wild and wooly outtakes from the Surreal Life Fame Games season finale!

    Air Date: 3/25/07

  2.   Ice's Greatest Meltdowns

    See Rob Van Winkle AKA Vanilla Ice rant, rave, throw drum sets and wrestle with the coffee maker.

    Air Date: 3/30/07

  3.   Season Finale! Show Clips

    The final challenge sends the house into a frenzy of scheming and backstabbing. Watch the "Wicked Short."

    Air Date: 3/25/07

  4.   Surreal Sex Show Clips

    With a porn star, a Playboy model and a midget running around the house, things are gonna get weird.

    Air Date: 2/02/07

Full Episode Summary

The Final Episode begins with only four contestants remaining. Inspired by the industry standard that true A-List celebrities have their pick of lucrative endorsement deals, the final challenge is to make a commercial. Representatives from, an online tutorial site for gambling, come to meet the remaining four cast members and give them the tools to make a 30- second commercial for the website. The winning spokesperson is safe from elimination and guaranteed a spot in the final two! The other three must participate in a secret ballot to vote one of the cast members off the show. This sends the house into a frenzy of scheming and backstabbing. It all comes to a head when the losing cast member decides not to leave without a fight... literally! The remaining two must play one more round of "Back to Reality" to see who will face the Commercial Challenge winner in the grand finale where Kathy Griffin, The Queen of the D-list, will decide who deserves to win the $100,000 prize and be invited back to the A-list!