1. Anita - Men's Board AgentAnita - Men's Board Agent

    Anita was born in Toronto and raised in London, Ontario. She started modeling at the early age of 13 and won Junior Top Canadian Model at 15. Then at 16, she was Miss Teen London and a finalist in Miss Teen Canada. Then at 18, she started modeling and moved to Milan, Italy where she modeled for top designers and assisted in the start up of a new agency where she was responsible for their scouting division.

    In 2001, Anita moved to New York to work at Wilhelmina where she worked on the woman's division for two years. She then joined the men's division where she was a men's agent for over three years. She was recently promoted to Director of Scouting for the Wilhelmina network which includes New York, LA and Miami.

  2. Becky - High-End Women's Board AgentBecky - High-End Women's Board Agent

    Becky was born in the small town of Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, England and she's had a keen interest in fashion from an early age. She would religiously buy British Vogue and British Elle magazines every month, then proudly display them in her bedroom.

    Becky began her career in the fashion industry when a good friend offered her a position at a small agency with locations in Birmingham and Manchester. After cutting her teeth in the industry, she got head hunted by a top London scout to work at an agency in London. This is when her career as an agent really took off. Becky under the tutelage of a senior agent in London grew as a high-end model agent. Becky soon realized her passion for fashion was suited to this side of industry.

    After working for nearly three years, she moved on to another agency that became her next port of call, a London Agency that represented many of the top models in the business. She finally decided to move to New York and joined Wilhelmina as an agent on their high end women's board in 2003.

  3. Carlos - High-End Women's Board AgentCarlos - High-End Women's Board Agent

    Carlos was born in Venezuela, to a Spanish father and Cuban mother and raised in Pennsylvania. He studied fine arts in Barcelona, Spain in for a year after high school and spent his sophomore year at Temple University in Rome studying art history and politics. As soon as he graduated from college, with a degree in Political Science, he decided to travel to Jakarta, Indonesia. While in Jakarta, Carlos began working as a photographer for different Asian fashion magazines, designers, and various theatrical, political and artistic projects.

    Carlos headed back to America in 1995, where he started a successful career in the highly competitive world of modeling agencies. He has worked as an agent, creative director and agency director for some of the country's most respected agencies. He has managed the careers of supermodels Naomi Campbell, Frankie Rayder and Rhea Durham. This gave him the opportunity to collaborate with some of the most creative people in the industry. As a result of this, Carlos developed a refined eye for aesthetics as well as a radical flare for new trends and tastes.

    Today, Carlos is the creative director for Wilhelmina's fast changing and growing Women's division. He uses his vast experience in creating new, stronger and bolder branding for the Wilhelmina Women's Board.

  4. Greg - Men's Board AgentGreg - Men's Board Agent

    Greg was born and raised in Davis, California. His first peek at talent management was when he started in the mailroom at ICM (Internaional Creative Management) in Hollywood. As a 21-year-old agent in training, Greg grew increasingly disenchanted with the Hollywood grind. Seeking a shift in career path, he chanced upon an opportunity to scout for a large agency in Los Angeles where he learned the finer points of model scouting. Greg's new career involved scouting girls on the streets of California and placing them in the fashion capitols of Paris, Milan and New York. In 1995, he was hired by a NYC agency as an agent in their men's division and later became director.

    Greg decided after two years of being director of his own men's board at a rival agency to join Wilhelmina men in 1999. He believes being an agent to be a serious job and takes losing campaigns personally. Greg believes there are not enough hours in the day to work at the agency and still have a life.

  5. Lola - High-End Women's Board AssistantLola - High-End Women's Board Assistant

    Lola was born in the small town of Eldorado, Illinois. Her father's work in the military took her all around Europe and to almost every army base in the United States, and prepared her for her future in the jet set world of high fashion. Winner of a model hunt in a Louisville Kentucky shopping mall, she was signed by a leading model agency. Her success in the modeling industry allowed her to branch out into acting. She landed roles in two major motion pictures: Twins with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito and Moon over Parador with Richard Dreyfuss and Sonia Braga.

    Lola moved to New York in 2000 and worked in real estate, until she joined Wilhelmina on a temporary basis and then was kept on as an assistant. She is very excited to be with the agency and loves what she does.

  6. Lorri - Men's Board AgentLorri - Men's Board Agent

    Lorri was born in Houston, Texas and graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in Finance. Previously Lorri worked for an investment firm for a year before realizing the exciting modeling world was where she really wanted to be. She worked at an agency in Houston taking care of their financials and an opportunity arose to come back as an agent which she jumped at immediately.

    Lorri has been an agent on the Men's Board at Wilhelmina in New York for 6 years. She has been an agent for 10 years in total, 1 of which she ran the men's division in the Miami offices in 2000. She then transferred to the New York office in 2001 and never looked back. She is fortunate to work with an amazing team of professionals at Wilhelmina and has really made a home for herself there.

  7. Pink - Head of High-End Women's BoardPink - Head of High-End Women's Board

    Pink was born in Los Angeles, California and embarked on the highest roads of glitz and glamour in Miami, New York and Los Angeles, with his first job in the entertainment industry as Mickey Rourke's assistant. After working for Mr. Rourke, Pink opened some of the first night clubs in South Beach, Florida and then headed on to the Big Apple to work the nightclubs there. While working the door at some of New York City's biggest clubs in the early 90's Pink started interning at a small modeling agency. From there he went on to run a premier agency in San Francisco.

    After a three year stint on the West Coast, Pink returned to New York to help transform an agency based in NYC. After a successful run, Dieter Esch recruited Pink, 6 years ago, to come run the editorial division of Wilhelmina.

    Pink lives in lower Manhattan and spends his free time fly fishing and going to the beach.

  8. Sean - PresidentSean - President

    Sean started as a junior agent on the Men's Board at Wilhelmina International in 1993 straight out of college. Sean was promoted steadily through the ranks becoming President of the company in 2003. During this time, he has guided and built the most successful men's division in the Company's 39 -year history, and has also guided the careers of several supermodels.

    Today, Sean oversees the operation of the entire agency in the New York, Los Angeles and Miami bureaus. Over the past several years, he has successfully helped the company gain increases in revenue and profits. Sean has also helped broaden the company's business opportunities with a television production arm and a ramp up of a re-invigorated Wilhelmina Artist Management group, a division which represents celebrities in their marketing endeavors. Together with a talented team of bookers Sean, has helped Wilhelmina make a notable impression on the catwalks of major New York designers and in the pages of top editorial magazines such as W and Vogue.

    Sean was born and raised in upstate New York before moving to New York City to attend New York University.