1. Date: 9/25/08

    After receiving news that she will be honored by having a day named after her, Margaret returns to her hometown of San Francisco.

  2. Date: 9/25/08

    After being told by a psychic that a ghost was living in her vagina, Margaret starts to experience writer's block. Worried that the ghost might be causing it, Margaret tries various ways to...Read Full Summary

  3. Date: 9/18/08

    With her 40th birthday quickly approaching, Margaret starts to consider the process of aging in Hollywood.

  4. Date: 9/11/08

    In a quest to explore the world of paparazzi-obsessed celebrity, Margaret decides to make a pop single and a mock sex tape.

  5. Date: 9/4/08

    Interested in exploring the green movement, Margaret decides to take the gang into the wilderness in order to disconnect themselves with today's modern luxuries.

  6. Date: 8/28/08

    After struggling throughout their lives to meet society's expectations of conventional beauty, Margaret and Selene decide to hold their own mother-daughter beauty pageant.

  7. Date: 8/21/08

    Margaret announces to her parents that she is being honored as the "Korean Of The Year." On the night of the award show, Margaret nervously performs to a surprisingly adoring Korean crowd...Read Full Summary