Full Episode Summary

With only a few guys left, the competition is on. Each of the remaining guys must give Stacey a kiss on the lips and Stacey will choose the two best kissers for the first date. But there's a catch: Stacey will be blindfolded. The winners meet Stacey at a beautiful Santa Barbara winery, where Stacey puts the guys to the test. Things get steamy as one guy is overcome with desire for the Cougar and isn't afraid to let her know it! The next evening, Stacey takes the two men who she's spent the least time with on a date to her favorite restaurant. While one guy is an open book, the other avoids giving her any direct answers. Back at the house, Stacey unleashes her emotions out on the guys, causing tempers to flare as they pick fights with each other. The next morning, Stacey takes the guys to the beach and pulls them each aside to determine their true intentions. Touched by one guy's revelation that he loves her, Stacey leaves ready for the elimination. In tears, she sends two guys home. A select few remain, ready to introduce Stacey to their families and take their relationship to the next level.