Full Episode Summary

Stacey is down to the final guys and it's time for her to meet their families. But are the families ready to accept the love of a Cougar? Stacey meets the first guy's mom who is very concerned with the 19 year age gap between her son and Stacey, and isn't afraid to let Stacey know it. Stacey leaves feeling torn between her strong feelings for the guy and her concern over his young age. The following day, the next guy introduces his two brothers to Stacey. Immediately they let Stacey know how protective they are and hammer her with questions about her intentions. Afterwards, the couple returns to the mansion and Stacey invites her date to the Cougar den. After two difficult family dates, meeting the third family is a breath of fresh air. Stacey instantly connects with the parents even though they don't shy away from asking tough questions. After the date, the couple deepens their connection in the Cougar den. Stacey is immediately disappointed with the final family date and her concerns are heightened throughout the meeting. In the end, Stacey must make the most difficult decision yet and eliminate one of the final suitors. But Stacey can see a future will all three of the remaining men and looks forward to spending more time with them in Las Vegas as the final guys continue to fight for Stacey's heart.