Full Episode Summary

If the 1960s were about expanding the mind, the 1970s, in the words of gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson, would be about getting "stoned, ripped, twisted." It was the golden age of pot - with swashbuckling smugglers, the popularity of High Times magazine, and a new era of drug humor exemplified by Cheech and Chong. By 1976, marijuana was on the brink of acceptance, with legalization advocates actually writing speeches for President Carter. Cocaine made its debut among the elite, and the Studio 54 era was ushered in. But the psychedelic prophets of the mid-`60s never imagined what their legacy would become: high school kids getting stoned and going to the mall. With groups like "Nosy Parents Association" writing policy pamphlets and Reagan vying for the presidency, the tide started to turn, and the juggernaut that would become the drug war was set into motion.