Ep Type Title Date
  105  Show Clips  Hour 5 Results 7/10/09 
  104  Show Clips  Hour 4 Results 7/09/09 
  103  Show Clips  Hour 3 Results 7/08/09 
  102  Show Clips  Hour 2 Results 7/07/09 
  101  Show Clips  Hour 1 Results 7/06/09 


  1. Date: 7/7/09

    You smell that? No, not that, the other smell. That's the smell of the burning questions of the "on fire" hour. We take these debates so seriously, frankly we should be disgusted with...Read Full Summary

  2. Date: 7/6/09

    In the Caliente hour we tackle some serious debates. The kind of debates you argued intensely enough to lose a few friends through the years- but it was worth it, because you know you were right.


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About The Great Debate

Beatles or the Stones? Ginger or Mary Ann? Kittens or puppies? They are the great questions of our time - and they're about to be answered once and for all!

VH1, the world wide authority on all things pop culture is about to deliver the final word on the most intense pop culture debates and questions of all-time with their new series The Great Debate.

Over five nights, one hour each night, VH1 will settle the debates which have been going on for years. Each night will feature a bunch of debates which will grow in intensity from the important questions of the "CALIENTE" hour like "Who played a blind guy better: Pacino or Foxx?" to the life or death debates of the "INFERNO" hour like "Who is the greatest band of all-time: The Beatles or the Stones?"

Celebs from the present and past will tackle debates of all shapes, sizes and genres. Ranging from "Who's the ultimate pop princess: Britney or Christina?" to "Who's tougher: Rocky or Rambo?" Our panelists are ready to take all these stupid questions...very seriously.

Among the highlights...

Boxers or Briefs? Do the boys need to breathe or do they need support... an age old question will be settled.

Greatest Game Show Ever: Is it Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune? Both legendary game shows seem to divide the world in two...

Best Van Halen Frontman: They were technically more successful with Sammy but were probably more fun with Dave. Which was better: Van Halen or Van Hagar?

Choose A Side: Are you on the side of psycho, baby machine Angelina Jolie or the high maintenance and needy Jennifer Aniston?

Which Sci-Fi Saga Spawned the Biggest Geeks? Fans of both Star Trek and Star Wars are awesome at reciting lines from the films and even better at rocking those costumes, but which world truly spawned bigger geeks?

Most Important Video Game Ever: Was it Pac-Man, or could Donkey Kong possibly overthrow the reigning champ of quarter-munching in the 80s?

Who's More Bootylicious? Choosing between Beyonce and J-Lo... no one said this was gonna be easy.

Does Disco Suck? You're been unsure since 1979, we'll finally give you the answer.

So join VH1 for The Great Debate. Because the time has come, you've asked the questions and now we're gonna settle them... forever