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  1. The show will include new exclusive interviews with many of the pranksters and their victims as well as tons of footage you won't believe. It'll make you snicker. It'll make you squirm. It'll make you laugh. It's VH1's 40 Greatest Pranks pt. 4....  Read Full Summary »


  2. Join us as we watch what happens when a dog upstages a baby's first steps, an inflatable SpongeBob destroys a nightclub, and a fart fire goes very wrong--or right, depending on who you ask. We'll showcase the newest ways people have managed to slip, fall,...  Read Full Summary »


  3. One thing the internet has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt: we sure love watching people screw up! That's why VH1 has scoured the internet and TV once again for more brand new funny clips of humans failing fabulously. The result: 40 Funniest Fails 3!...  Read Full Summary »


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    1. Deluka  "OMFG"

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