The OCD Project

about The OCD Project

Six participants diagnosed with the most severe forms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) have lost their friends, put their families on the brink of collapse, and completely bankrupt their lives. Now, as a last resort, they've decided to move together and undergo intensive therapy.

A team of doctors led by highly respected expert Dr. David Tolin will offer a rare glimpse into the hellish world of OCD and the destructive effect it has on the participants and their families. The patients have each identified a specific goal they want to achieve at the end of their treatment, something very personal they could never do in their present condition. In order to reach their objective, the patients undergo a grueling treatment process known as Exposure Therapy. This treatment is founded on the principle that OCD can only be conquered through repeated and prolonged exposure to the maladaptive associations that cause the obsessions.

Viewers will see a character-driven world of highly intelligent, creative and empathetic people living a life that has spiraled out of control. The series will chronicle each participant's journey into the debilitating doubts that consume their lives and witness the amazing transformations treatment can provide.

In the end, the patients will learn they're not alone, that together they can finally confront and overcome the compulsions, and that life does not have to be the limited existence they've lived for so long!

Will our participants be able to conquer their OCD? Their lives depend on it.