1. CodyCody

    Cody began noticing changes in his behaviors in the 3rd grade. He had to be home schooled because his disorder was so bad. It has held him back socially and with sports. He missed half of high school. It has also caused a lot of stress for his family. Cody has only recently told his best friend. His girlfriend does not even know he has the disorder.

  2. ArineArine

    Arine first started showing signs of OCD when both her father and grandfather died in gruesome car accidents. She also has trouble in relationships because of her fear of HIV. Her relationship with her family is strained because they don't understand her disorder. Her dream in life is to work as a missionary, doing charity for the poor, but cannot because of her extreme fear of HIV and other diseases.

  3. JerryJerry

    Jerry's been aware of his OCD Since the age of 11. He was diagnosed incorrectly for 18 years. Relationships are impossible because he is fearful his OCD won't be accepted. He is a loner. Jerry sees himself as kind and goodhearted and his goal in life and wants to help others with OCD.

  4. KevinKevin

    Kevin recalls having OCD symptoms since the age of 6. He has missed out on having lasting relationships and has turned down great job opportunities because of his OCD. It has affected his career as a teacher and impeded his progress while taking graduate course work. While Kevin is currently an actor in LA, the ritualistic behavior associated with this condition has hindered his progress by making him late for auditions and by engaging in ritualistic behavior while on set. Kevin's eccentric behaviors may not yet be fully realized.

  5. KristenKristen

    Kristen remembers checking and rechecking since the 8th grade but it didn't get bad until 2003/2004. Kristen's OCD causes major stress in her relationships with family and loved ones as well as annoys her coworkers. Kristen may be one of the most severe cases of OCD in the program.

  6. TraciTraci

    Traci's OCD consumes her. She has a constant feeling of dread and is tired of making a fool out of herself in front of her son. Her friends and family think she's crazy and that she can truly "stop" if she wanted to. She is desperate to get the help she needs, not only for herself, but for her 9 year old son.