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  1.   Episode 8 Bonus Clips

    Watch webisodes, patient video diaries and more in these bonus clips from episode 8 of The OCD Project!

    Air Date: 7/15/10

  2.   Last Day of Treatment Show Clips

    Dr. Tolin hopes one last exposure will allow the patients to move forward from their OCD. Watch show clips from the final episode of The OCD Project!

    Air Date: 7/15/10

Full Episode Summary

In one final group session, Dr. Tolin has all the patients do their hardest exposure again. For most, it's much easier - but one patient is asked by Dr. Tolin to consider entering an ongoing treatment program. 3 months after all the patients have checked out, Dr. Tolin follows up with each of them to see if they've reverted- or continued in their progress to beat OCD.