1. AlvaroAlvaro

    Age: 23
    Occupation: Cameraman

    Alvaro is a self-professed dreamer who claims he needs to be drunk to meet women. He cannot talk to a female when he is totally sober and he generally freezes. He often finds himself unable to think of anything to say to women most of the time. The only reason he has dated women in the past is due to
    the fact that they approached him. There other times where he has talked himself out of great situations with women because he got too nervous and just couldn't stop talking. He cites specific insecurities that have held him back. Growing up, he was short, and he still sees himself that way (even though he's
    not). Alvaro often covers his mouth, stutters and bites his nails when he gets nervous around the opposite sex. To make matters worse, Alvaro admits to being very picky when it comes to choosing a female. He spends his free time break-dancing and claims he could teach any of the guys in the house how to do so. Along with break-dancing, Alvaro loves boxing and can easily hit a punching bag, he just cannot seem to hit on an attractive woman. Alvaro's mission is to ultimately overcome his
    insecurities to win the heart of a woman he likes in Miami.

  2. BradyBrady

    Age: 24
    Occupation: Photographer

    Brady works in all of the hottest clubs in town, no he is not the bartender, or the promoter for the club nor does he work the front door; he is the photographer taking pictures of all of the beautiful people in the club. This way Brady being the shy guy that he is can hide behind his camera. He says that he feels
    paralyzed when a girl starts to put the moves on him and that he feels awkward coming onto to girls and asking for their number. Even when a girl starts to hit on him he has no idea what to do. Brady says that he can only take so much rejection before he eventually stops trying to hit on girls. He also says
    that he knows that his past relationships have failed because of him. He wants to be able to sweep a girl off of her feet and be the guy of some girls dreams and not just the guy that she guesses that she likes.

  3. FredFred

    Age: 45
    Occupation: Sales

    Fred says he's 'proud' about being a virgin at 45 years old -- however, he really wants to fall in love. He's a mattress salesman that works very odd and long hours. The last date he claims to have had was last 1999. And his last kiss, 1998, which apparently led to nothing. One of his main problems, outside of confidence, is probably the fact that he's more of a talker than a listener. At 45, Fred does not have the body he did when he was younger, and he doesn't expect for women to love him with his shirt off. Fred is a good guy and loves to have fun. With him, you get a karaoke partner for life He loves having a blast, singing tunes and taking center stage. Being on this show could turn this 45 year old virgin into the stud he dreams of and hopefully help him fall in love!

  4. JoeJoe

    Age: 25
    Occupation: Medical Web Developer

    This loveable, entertaining, goofy guy is always the brother and never the boyfriend. Joe is sick and tired of hearing from women, "you're like my brother". He truly wants to establish himself as a romantic, engaging, caring guy. Joe lives in the basement of his parent's home, next to the washer and drier, and realizes that it is the most non-romantic place to bring a woman. Joe is very musically inclined and writes and plays songs about women he hopes to go to the next phase of a relationship with, beyond the status of friendship, but he never has the guts to play the songs for these women. He knows he has all the right parts, but he just doesn't know how to put them together to approach women. He is very proud of his keychain collection, his love for Disney and his infatuation with Star Wars--he even has his own Jedi costume and lightsaber. Joe's lack of confidence stems from his weight and his ill-fitted clothing. A normal, healthy, adult relationship is Joe's goal. He feels stuck in junior high with his ability to relate to women and is seeking help to have a more age appropriate relationship with women.

  5. JosephJoseph

    Age: 23
    Occupation: Caterer

    Originally from Minnesota, Joseph has lived in LA for a year. He is a caterer at many weddings, leaving him wondering if he'll ever have his own wedding. With his flamboyant mannerisms and his quirky ways , women tend to think that Joseph is gay. His interests such as musical theater and rhinestone heart sunglasses add to the confusion of his sexuality. His only approach with women is a friendly and quirky, "Hello!! Let's be friends!" This has only left him frustrated and stuck in the "friend zone", when truly he wanted more. If there is a girl he really finds attractive, he forgets her as he is intimidated and just gives up. He aims for the friendlier girls who are giggly and nonthreatening, but even then he can't get out of the "friend zone". It didn't help his confidence when he leaned into a girl that was a "friend" and kissed her on the neck, she said "What are you doing? We are friends!" His fear of burning bridges leaves him frozen without spontaneity, instead the girl slips away. Joseph really wants to learn how to take "friends" to the next level.

  6. PradeepPradeep

    Age: 22
    Occupation: Researcher/Mathematician

    "Hi my name is Pradeep. What's your name?" is Pradeep's idea of a pickup line. You would think that this line might work at college parties but he stays far away from them. "They are full of Alpha Males and Alpha Males scare me." When it does come to hitting on a girl his biggest worries are the facial expression that he makes, his body language and his man boobs, He says that he tries to be funny but sometimes ends up offending people. He likes to keep his life fairly disorganized, this way each day he gets some sort of surprise. Once on a date at a movie he placed his hand on a girl's lap, and she squeezed his hand tightly between her legs. Well his hand fell asleep and wandered somewhere that it shouldn't have. Needless to say that was the end of that date. Pradeep wants help to not be afraid of girls, to get a more competent mouth, and of course what is the right amount of cologne one should wear.

  7. ScottScott

    Age: 26
    Occupation: Laboratory Manager

    Scott is incredibly intellectual, lovable and quirky! From his facial ticks and fascinating, expressive eyebrows to his invented curse word "Frasen!" and unique game design hobbies he is the definitive geek. He actually uses phrases such as "oh jeez" and "dag nabit" in his everyday vernacular. He prides himself on not liking soda and in his free time he likes to rewrite, literally rewrite as he does not know how to program, Dungeons and Dragons from a level based system to a point based system. Scott is concerned that he will remain in his bachelor phase of life forever. He is in one of the largest singles markets in the country and is unable to even approach a woman, as he puts it, "in a target rich environment" and he is a failure. One of the many problems that Scott faces is that he finds it very difficult to ask anyone to do anything for him. This puts him in quite a pickle when it comes to asking women out and part of the reason he just does not. He says that he tries, almost gets to the point of asking someone out and then completely chickens out. He is a self-described coward with women and Scott knows he is behind the curve on anything related to women, thus putting him at a distinct disadvantage. In addition, Scott is a virgin. Scott's living his life on the edge means he always remains on the outside of any organization or group he is a part of, including groups of friends. Scott's objective is simple; he just wants to be able to ask a woman out.

  8. StephenStephen

    Age: 27
    Occupation: Graphic Designer

    Stephen prefers to be known as Spoon -- S (Stephen) + Poon (his last name) = Spoon. Spoon views himself as a typical Asian guy--short, technologically advanced and fluent in Chinese. Spoon is very definitive of his likes and dislikes. For example, Spoon loves his scooter, which he has named Emily. He is extremely proud of his scooter, although it is not running at the moment, and has recently purchased a Japanese helmet to wear on his scooter because it resembles a Star Wars helmet. He gets very energized when discussing one of his favorite hobbies, laser shock tag. Spoon is also a high warlord, level 60 in his WOW video game. He has 80,000 honor kills and will brag about the fact that he is the best warrior on his server. Then there are the dislikes; there are three main things that he is scared of, dark places, spiders and approaching women. Spoon is quirky and sweet and has a very unique viewpoint on all subjects. He is constantly entertaining and his thoughts roll out of his mouth with no filter. His mission is to be as comfortable around women as he is when he is a high warlord.