1. Alex William ShelleyAlex William Shelley

    The Horrible-Dressing Hipster who still lives with his parents.
    Age: 22
    Hometown: Owasso, Ok
    Nickname: Lalex, Hipster, Black Whiteboy
    Occupation: Janitor at Interior Design Store
    Status: Virgin, lives with Parents
    Alex gets lots of attention, but never gets any girls to take him seriously. He always gets girls to be a really good friend with him, but it never goes any further. His last girlfriend was his prom date in high school, which was four years ago. His little sister helped hook him up with her. It never really went anywhere. Like most prom dates, it ended at graduation. He is a 4th year sophomore at Tulsa Community College. Alex is a 22-year-old virgin. When he goes out, he drinks and parties to loosen up. However, the only thing that ends up happening is drunken kisses and vulgar pickup lines that make him look bad, always. He enjoys being the life of the party. He likes to entertain and be funny. Alex is always funny, even when he is not trying to be. This is partially because of the awkward pauses and emphasizes in his speech along with the "okie" accent. Alex thinks he is the coolest dressed guy in all of Oklahoma. He has champagne taste on a beer budget because of his unique style. He will spend a majority of his paychecks on one item off eBay. The rest of the time, Alex can often be found lurking in the Tulsa thrift stores in the bad parts of town. It's hard for him, being such a hipster, to still live at home with his parents and little sister. Girls don't seem to like that. He would rather spend more money on himself than a girl. He needs to work on that. Alex is obsessed with the 80's. He loves the very over-the-top female singers and neon everything that came with the cool of the 80's. Alex is a great guy that loves his friends and family, but he really loves to party. This show could really help Alex to overcome his partying ways that girls don't take seriously. He would like to be able to have the confidence to approach a girl he doesn't know and win her over. It would be entertaining to see him stumble and pick himself back up. He wants to find the girl of his neon dreams to dance with at the club.

  2. Simeon MosesSimeon Moses

    The Hi-Pitch Hottie
    Age: 27
    Hometown: Hermosa Beach, CA
    Occupation: Writer
    Status: Cried when his only girlfriend broke up with him
    Simeon is the frat boy that couldn't get laid. He LOVES to talk and his voice goes up several octaves when he gets excited. As a kid, he moved around a lot and it was very hard for him to make friends. It also didn't help that he was the smallest kid in class and would constantly get picked on by other kids calling him names like "Puny Thing" or shoving him in lockers. After a few years of this, he decided to make a change. He started to talk more and be more outgoing to ease the transition of going from school to school. Instead of being the shy quiet kid, he'd be the funny outgoing one. He also started studying Mixed Martial Arts and now fights at a very advanced level. Though he was making strides, he still wasn't getting the girls. So when he went to college, he decided that the only thing to do was to join a fraternity and all his girl problems would go away. But they didn't. He didn't kiss a girl until he was 20 and didn't have sex until he was out of school at the age of 23. His problem was that he was so funny that he always became the friend and never knew how to spark any romantic interest. Simeon needs Mystery's help. He wants to learn how to create sexual tension and get out of the friendship zone so he can find the girl of his dreams.

  3. Kevin FengKevin Feng

    The Underdog
    Age: 21
    Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI
    Occupation: Banking Intern
    Status: One and only girlfriend cheated on him
    Kevin is your typical college guy. He's athletic, academic, and loves to go to the bar with his friends and have a good time. Although he has a typical College social life, his love life is anything but. Kevin was considered a "late bloomer' being that he went through puberty his senior year of high school. This played a huge part in his confidence with women, not to mention the mean teasing he received. Kevin has been called everything from "Squinty Eyes" and "Jackie Chan", to "Small-Dick McGee". He's never had a problem talking to a woman who is a friend, but once the "hidden agenda" begins to kick in, Kevin finds himself helpless. His love life is non-existent except for a girlfriend he had when he was 18. She was the first girl he kissed or rather kissed him. She had to make the first move because she claimed he was too much of a "wuss". She was also the first and only person he has ever had sex with. That relationship ended in 6 months after she cheated on him and called him pathetic for wanting her back. He has been known to offend girls at times with his sense of humor and lack of boundaries. This problem once ended a date after he compared his dates eating habits to a holocaust victim. After several rejections, negative feedback, mixed signals, and insults, Kevin is ready to throw in the towel. Even after a few drinks, when he's feeling confidant and cool, he's been told he's being creepy. This guy needs help!

  4. MysteryMystery

    "The Pick-Up Artist" may have been a comedy in the 1980's starring Robert Downey Jr., but Mystery isn't fooling around when it comes to his proven techniques in seduction and that's not a joke.

    Mystery was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario who at a young age developed a fascination with Dungeon & Dragons, which didn't lend itself to a plethora of female interaction. As he matured, it became apparent that he had fallen into the category of a "late bloomer." Mystery took on the challenge and went full speed ahead.

    In his quest to be successful with women, he decided to travel to nearby cities and utilize a variety of methods over a ten-year span, which resulted in his "Mystery Method." He had many cold shoulders turned his way, yet he let it roll off his back and continued on his journey to delve into the human condition.

    Mystery says that his experience as a struggling magician helped him dissect the ins and out of human interactions. With his close examination of human ethos and various theories from Evolutionary Psychology, he successfully developed strategies and techniques that he shared on an internet newsgroup, His in-depth "field reports" became a hit and he started to become recognized in cyberspace, as well as with the ladies.

    During his adventures Mystery joined forces with a charming gent, Matador who embraced Mystery's vision with sheer enthusiasm and together they started teaching seminars all over the world! With a loyal fan base in tow, it only made sense for Mystery to include Matador as his main "wing man" in VH1's Pickup Artists, as it success unfolds.

    Mystery has written two books, "The Venusian Arts Handbook" (2005) and "The Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women into Bed" (2007,) as well as an e-book called "the New Model" (2007.)

    Mystery didn't conceptualize seduction techniques, yet he certainly has proven to be a leader of the pack of "pick-up artist" gurus.

    He has coined the terms "peacocking, and "the 3-second rule," introduced the concept of "negging," taught a myriad of seminars to "seduction-hopefuls," continues to sell a variety of multimedia content based on his work and it seems as if Mystery, is nothing short of being mysterious.

    Isn't it ironic (like Alanis Morissettes' song) that the little shy lad who was infatuated with the game of Dungeons & Dragons, is now one of the top experts of a whole new "game," which is reality based?

    Mystery has given a whole new generation of men the skill-sets that they need to be successful with women and that is exactly what he felt they needed.

    Hmmmmm, maybe being a "late-bloomer" isn't so bad after all, men of Young Hollywood. There's no sense in putting that X-Box down now, go ahead, "game on," just don't forget to check out Mystery's methods along the way. Young Hollywood check out Mystery's site at:

  5. James Matador BiographyJames Matador Biography

    Known around the world simply as Matador, this Venusian Arts aficionado has a track record as varied as it is captivating. Dabbling in everything from philosophy to accomplishing national-champion status as a martial artist, from an amateur body-builder to being a voracious reader, this living end lover is all over the pick-up map.

    A spirited entrepreneur at heart, Matador runs a highly successful real-estate development company, among his now towering television career alongside fellow seductivist Mystery, on VH1's hit series The Pick-Up Artist.

    Having taught live bootcamps and seminars together with Mystery worldwide, Matador remains the leading instructor in the Pick --Up Arts, and was the first instructor (beyond Mystery himself) to lead his own LIVE programs. Articulating his "finely-tuned expression of the Venusian Arts", Matador has managed to create some serious relationships with women of staggering beauty, awe-inspiring character and Aphroditiean heights of distinction.

    Having been hailed of late in the Media as a creative force to be reckoned with as well as one of America's most intriguing and interesting people, nods from CNN, the New York Times, the Daily Show with John Stewart-among a slew of others-are just a few cultural luminaries jumping fervently on the Matador love-wagon!

    Mystery has said, " If there is one guy I wouldn't want to go up against, it would be Matador"-and that is one serious statement. The bullfight is ON; let the final passes begin...BRING ON (the) MATADOR!

  6. Rian TurnerRian Turner

    Patron Saint of the Overlooked
    Age: 29
    Hometown: Portland, OR
    Occupation: Video Game Sales Associate
    Status: Virgin, Never Had A Girlfriend
    One date and a girlfriend in the third grade, that is the extent of Rian's love life. He hasn't had sex or even a real kiss! Even worse, his date was bi-sexual and never had any real interest in him and his kiss came from a game of spin the bottle with friends while in college. He's always been self-concious having been picked on a lot in elementary and high school. His nickname in elementary was 'Beaver Breath" because of his massive overbite and bad breath. In high school, girls would often play pranks on Rian, telling him that another girl in school liked him, but it was all a big joke meant to embarrass him. Having avoided girls for so long, Rian has lost his radar and can't tell if girls are/aren't interested and because of all the rejection he's faced, he never puts himself out there romantically in fear of being embarrassed. So, instead, he just hangs out at his house where he lives with his mom and dad.

  7. Todd PabstTodd Pabst

    The Girl's Best Friend
    Age: 26
    Hometown: Littleton, CO
    Occupation: Teller/Server/Student
    Status: Virgin
    For years he's been the "best friend," the "emotional outlet" and the "big brother." Todd often finds that being a good listener with a big heart lands him in the supportive role, but keeps him longing for more than being called "sweet" and "nice." Although social and outgoing around familiar faces, he's often quiet and reserved in the midst of beautiful strangers. Both of his jobs place him in the public where he is in constant interaction with new people but he rarely goes beyond the benign exchange of small talk and general pleasantries that are expected of him. Todd is an aspiring firefighter and is more comfortable fighting an unpredictable blaze than approaching a woman for the first time. In fact when he does approach strange women he finds himself not only worrying about what to say or do but also what to say or do next. Thus, his insecurities and awkwardness stem primarily from imaginary problems that may or may not come into existence. It will take the Pick Up Artist to show Todd that these problems are in fact imaginary, and he will fare just fine once he sheds these fears.

  8. Matt RadmanovichMatt Radmanovich

    The guy who always puts his foot in his mouth
    Age: 26
    Hometown: Redondo Beach, CA
    Occupation: Property Manager
    Status: Flew across country to surprise his only girlfriend & she dumped him upon arrival.
    Matt is that funny, dorky guy that everyone likes but no one wants to date. He doesn't have a problem talking to women per se, but he can never seem to turn it into anything more than friendly banter. He is constantly afraid that his witty references sail over the head of girls (a la Jon Favreau's character in Swingers) and that his frequent mentions of current events don't really "rev the engine" in girls. Matt is surprised he is applying for this show and not Jeopardy, but he realizes that knowing who shot President William McKinley won't really get him a phone number and Mystery's skills will. His passion is certainly not his wardrobe, as his Costco brand jeans will attest to. Matt feels that if this were the 1970's, he'd be a superstar given that he has a thicker bush of chest hair than Austin Powers. However, in modern times he is self-conscious of it and worries that he comes off as a sleazy disco owner. Matt has only had one long-term girlfriend, and that was in college. Things ended poorly when she dumped him England after he traveled there to visit her, where she was studying abroad. He has always resented this and it is now serving as a major motivator for being on this show. If Matt can get over some of his physical insecurities and be more confident with ladies, maybe they will laugh with him and not at him. He's got all the skills locked up there somewhere; he just needs the right help getting them out. He is tired of his perennial friend status and doesn't want to see another girl he likes end up getting swept off her feet by some other guy while he watches from the sidelines.

  9. Karl MeyerKarl Meyer

    The Brokenhearted Kid
    Age: 21
    Hometown: Avalon (Catalina island), CA
    Occupation: Radioshack Sales Associate
    Status: 1 Girlfriend who broke his heart

    Upon meeting Karl, you will be instantly drawn to his personality and entertained by his offbeat antics, his quirky giggle and his ability to turn even the most mundane of subjects into an interesting conversation. If you happen to be a beautiful woman and you meet him through a mutual friend (as he definitely won't approach you on the street) he will surely end up being your friend. Just a friend! Always just friends! As a Radioshack employee he loves playing with his techy toys; things like surfing the web on his iPod Touch are a great excuse to not engage the pretty woman sitting next to him at the coffee shop in conversation. His one justifiable girlfriend was pretty much the worst experience in his life, as she was an emotionally abusive lying cheater. As a successful photographer and self proclaimed "decent musician" he knows he has a lot going for him, but his insecurities regarding women go much further back. Throughout his early years he was the most made fun of kid in school, and was never looked at twice by any of his young crushes. Since then his fear of attempting to attract women stems from his fear of being rejected like he always was. With a newfound sense of confidence and a few learned skills Karl would love to be able to (as Mystery put it in season 1) "Pull the trigger!" and never end up as "just friends" again.

  10. Greg FellowsGreg Fellows

    The Loner
    Hometown: Hollywood, CA
    Occupation: Real Estate agent
    Status: Hasn't had a date in 5 years
    When you see Greg during normal business hours, he is wearing a suit and doing $100,000 Real Estate deals but when he goes home he throws on his "out of style" jeans from the mid 90's and a button up shirt that he got from a thrift store to become into the proclaimed "awkward Geek by night". Making a deal with a millionaire is no sweat but when approaching an attractive woman he breaks into a heavy sweat. Since he is such a good listener women call him to talk about their problems with men not realizing that he could be the man of their dreams if they would just give him a chance. Greg is more comfortable playing online poker then going to a club and buying a girl a drink. He finds himself thinking he knows what women want but in reality he has no clue. Knowing how to read a woman and knowing what to say to her would open up a world he never knew existed. Once he acquires that knowledge there will be nothing to stop this awkward geek in finding a girl he has only dreamt about.

  11. Brian LyBrian Ly

    The Stutterer
    Age: 21
    Hometown: Monterey Park, Ca
    Occupation: Student
    Status: Virgin, Never Been on a Date
    One look at Brian is all you need to realize he is unique. Probably the fact that he is Asian and sports a afro is reason enough. While that's his outward appearance he knows deep down he is a very down to earth and at times too honest type of person. At 21, he is still a virgin and is ready to loosen up and actually start meeting some women in his life. His parents are the traditional type where the only dance he was allowed to go to was the High School Prom, even worse he went with a guy because he was not allowed to date. He loves gardening and planting flowers and likes home improvement, but when it comes to women he needs massive help in trying to plant a seed with the ladies and help in women improvement. When it comes to the ladies Brian absolutely has no game what so ever, he needs some major help on Dating 101 and needs to know what to say and what not to say. The truth is that he zero skills with the ladies, he needs help with approaching girls the right way because he just doesn't know what to talk about. He gets nervous and starts spelling words and stutters when speaking and sometimes says or asks the wrong things. Often he doesn't share the same interest with girls, and thinks most girls are out of his league. He simply says, "they are just too confusing and that girls should have their own species." He thinks it would be so much easier if girls just walked up to him and introduced themselves like: "Hi my name is Jessica, do you want to hook up later? With some guidance and motivation from Mystery, Brian is ready to attract females and have a girlfriend for the first time in his life.

  12. TaraTara

    Don't let her innocent look fool you . . . Tara is one fierce lady to be reckoned with! Viewers may remember Tara from Season 1 giving kissing tips and strutting around in sexy lingerie, but if you think she is just another pretty face then you have another thing coming!

    Raised in the rugged mountain town of Taos, New Mexico, this adventurous world-traveler is anything but innocent. As an aspiring actress, avid writer, and relationship expert, Tara has gained the maturity and perspective of a seasoned pro. Her ability to convey a down-to-earth vibe, goofy humor, and genuine heart can put the most "woman-repellent" student at ease.

    Tara is fascinated with the human condition, so when she was introduced to the world of the pick-up artist in Season 1 she was instantly hooked. Within a year she met with top pick-up instructors from around the world, and studied their different methods. Tara has combined this secret knowledge with her own personal experience to develop a unique way for her students to skillfully interact with even the most desirable of women.

    In Season 2, Tara expands her role by adding an irreplaceable female perspective as well as being a confidant for the loveable, but lost contestants. With her heartwarming compassion and true dedication, Tara gives the guys an inside edge that only a true pick-up woman can! Check out Tara's site at: