1. Date: 11/30/08

    The final two challengers battle it out in a ramped up week of competition. The stakes are high and the pressure is on, when Mystery throws a twist in the reward challenge, sending the guys into a...Read Full Summary

  2. Date: 11/23/08

    Three remaining students compete in their toughest challenge yet: teaching friends from home how to meet and attract women.

  3. Date: 11/16/08

    The guys learn about "day game" when they are taken to a grocery store and challenged to pickup women in an everyday situation.

  4. Date: 11/9/08

    When the five remaining students arrive at a hotel ballroom, none of them anticipate that they are actually attending a women's charity auction where they will be auctioned off on stage.

  5. Date: 11/2/08

    The six remaining students are put on the spot when asked to talk about their physical experiences with women, and then demonstrate their skills on a professional sexologist.

  6. Date: 10/26/08

    Seven remaining students face off in a racy reward challenge, where Mystery asks each to "Keep their cool."

  7. Date: 10/19/08

    The eight remaining students are surprised when they arrive at their first reward challenge and discover their task is to charm little old ladies at a bingo parlor.

  8. Date: 10/12/08

    Nine loveable losers arrive at a mansion in the Arizona desert to meet the one man who can teach them the skills to improve their game with women.