1. CISCO ADLER - Vocals, Shirtless Butt-Shaking, Boyfriend to the StarsCISCO ADLER - Vocals, Shirtless Butt-Shaking, Boyfriend to the Stars

    He has a gift with women, and a flair for getting what he wants. Writer, producer, and front man for the band, Cisco's musical talents and sex appeal make him a target for women and fame, usually resulting in tabloid attention. But Cisco's not all fun and games, he's a businessman. Much like his Dad, Cisco spends hours a day trying to build a musical empire, centered on the Malibu rock scene. He's a hard working, smooth talking, son of a legend, making his own place in rock history.

  2. ORBI - Drums and SobrietyORBI - Drums and Sobriety

    Orbi's in a constant struggle to stay sober while being surrounded by guys who drink semi-professionally. As part of his rehab, Orbi's also abstaining from women; he has become the monk of rock n' roll. The son of rock legend Roy Orbison, he's the guy who grew up learning and practicing the rules of rock n' roll. He's also the observer - as the sober one, he can tell the guys what they did the night before and if she was worth doing.

  3. DAMON WEBB - Bass, Surfing, NappingDAMON WEBB - Bass, Surfing, Napping

    The Malibu surf boy who is "girl crazy." He's the youngest and most relaxed of the band who would rather surf than rehearse. His grandfather was one of the chemist who helped invent LSD and his father discovered dolphin communication, so Damon learned from an early age how to rock the "sheik hippy vibe". He's always laughing and smiling at his rock lifestyle.

  4. RAINBOW JERAMY - Guitar and LadykillingRAINBOW JERAMY - Guitar and Ladykilling

    The new guy in the band. Used to play for an alt-rock band in Philly that had no female fans -- now he keeps busy trying to balance his girlfriend with all of the rabid hot chicks who follow him around at concerts. The poorest of the guys, he is determined to make it on the front page of Guitar Player Magazine. Dressed in women's clothes, the only thing bigger than his hair is his ego.

  5. TONY POTATO - Dancer, Political Blogger, Member of California State BarTONY POTATO - Dancer, Political Blogger, Member of California State Bar

    As a defender of civil rights and advocate for the decriminalization of marijuana, Tony spends his nights trying to live the rock star life... but doesn't play an instrument. Often referred to as the John Belushi of the band, he reminds us of the band's absurdity. Conflict arises when the other guys make him start pulling his sizable weight. Eventually, he'll have to decide: Can he continue practicing law if he's on the road?