1. AiricAiric

    "Age: 38
    "Has been shooting for over 10 years
    "Currently works as a photographer, make-up artist, and stylist
    "Originally from Nebraska, currently lives in Los Angeles
    "Has a newborn son

  2. BalbinkaBalbinka

    "Age: 24
    "Former Model
    "Started taking photographs in college 5 years ago
    "Originally from Poland but currently lives in Los Angeles
    "Lived in Belgium where she worked for the European Parliament
    "Loves to dance: West African, ballroom, modern
    "Has traveled extensively all over the world and photographed her journey

  3. BreeBree

    "Age: 26
    "Originally from Perth, Australia, currently lives in Venice, CA
    "Photographer for the Warp Tour
    "Also hosts a syndicated music show

  4. DeanDean

    "Age 34
    "Originally from Bosnia, currently lives in Seattle, WA
    "Came to America to follow a girl
    "Graduated from The Art Institute of Seattle in March, 2007
    "Was in the Bosnian army, fought in the Bosnian War
    "Defied death: was shot at in war and was hit by a car moving 90 miles per hour
    "Used to own a clothing store in Seattle

  5. IvanIvan

    "Age 27
    "Came to the U.S. in 1998 from Croatia
    "Learned to speak English 9 years ago so he could study photography in the U.S.
    "Graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA
    "Currently pitching proposals to ad agencies. And looking for the photo rep
    "Eats a raw food diet
    "Loves to go dancing

  6. JasonJason

    "Age: 39
    "Professional photographer
    "Married to a make-up artist
    "Lives in Los Angeles
    "Former Pro Golfer
    "Comes from a film industry family

  7. MariaMaria

    "Age: 26
    "Lives in Los Angeles
    "Occupation: Photo Retoucher/Freelance Photographer
    "Used to assist David LaChapelle and Paula Abdul
    "Oldest of 6 girls

  8. PiperPiper

    "Age: 35
    "Originally from Detroit, currently lives in New York City
    "Freelance Photographer and part-time cocktail server
    "Avidly practices yoga
    "Shot for Essence Magazine
    "Dream is to shoot for Vogue magazine
    "Into French avant-garde and 1970's cinema