1. Date: 12/5/04

    Although regular episodes of "The Surreal Life's" historic third season are over, there are a few additional moments that deserve their own spotlight...

  2. Date: 11/14/04

    In this very special episode we re-visit the houseguests after the completion of their Surreal journey as they tell us all about their best and worst moments in the house. From hanging with the...Read Full Summary

  3. Date: 11/7/04

    It's so hard to say goodbye.or is it? Hurt from Ryan's trash talking on "Dirty Laundry," Flav is not holding back when it comes to pushing her buttons.

  4. Date: 10/31/04

    Surprise! It's time for the cast to air out their "Dirty Laundry." First, it's family bonding time at the glamour shots studio. To please Brigitte, Flav takes off the clock...Read Full Summary

  5. Date: 10/24/04

    Ghosts, Goblins and Charo, oh my! Halloween is approaching, and what better way to kick off the holiday than to send the Surreal Lifers on a ghost hunt?

  6. Date: 10/17/04

    The cast has only four hours left to complete their single. Jordan is in control, but everything is out of control... Ryan won't come out of the bathroom, Brigitte is asleep on the couch and...Read Full Summary

  7. Date: 10/10/04

    The housemates learn that they will be recording the first ever Surreal Life Single! Jordan Knight is named as the producer of the single, and must figure out how to combine everyone's input.

  8. Date: 10/3/04

    Surf's up! The Lifers are going to surf school. Who is going to drive? Flav or Dave? Dave or Flav? By default of a prison record, Dave is the winner and takes the wheel. Flav is ticked off,...Read Full Summary

  9. Date: 9/26/04

    Get your motor running. The Surreal Lifers are going on a road trip to San Diego for Charo's concert at Harrah's casino. Dave takes the wheel, much to Flav's chagrin. Brigitte falls...Read Full Summary

  10. Date: 9/19/04

    It's a battle of the bands in the backyard. The housemates split up into three bands with only one day to rehearse a song, and perform it in front of a capacity crowd out by the pool. Of...Read Full Summary

  11. Date: 9/12/04

    First date jitters fill the house, as the cast prepares for date night. Each of the three guys will spend one course of a 3-course dinner with a different lady of the house. Flavor's been...Read Full Summary

  12. Date: 9/5/04

    Relive all the drama from this eclectic group from season three. Reminisce with Brigitte and Flav all day long.