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  1.   Moto-Crossdressers Show Clips

    See a sneak peek and outtakes from this week's episode as Carey takes the gang dirt-bike riding.

    Air Date: 8/08/05

Full Episode Summary

The Surreal Lifers awake to what they hope will be a laid back day. Jose appreciates the finer points of a bikini-clad Caprice and even offers advice on how she can improve her model-perfect body. The paper reveals that the cast will be traveling to Gorman where they'll learn to ride dirt bikes, Carey Hart style! Janice, big surprise, gets huffy; "I can't ride a motorcycle! I'm a PTA mom! I'm quitting this show!" Jose admits he has a life long fear of motorcycles as they suit up, rev up and compete for the title of "Biker of the Day."

Later, an impromptu sexy, cross-dressing slumber party reveals Jose's feminine side. The party begins with the first special guest arriving, Pepa's friend and former "Salt N Pepa" DJ, SPINDERELLA. Then comes a head-turning announcement from Caprice: "It's underwear time!" Determined to out-burlesque Thursday's burlesque show, the British beauty rounds up Jose and Carey and takes them into her bedroom. and dresses them up in her best lingerie. "Jesus, how did I get myself into this?" bemoans studly dirt bike hero Carey. "We've gone from bad-ass dudes to drag queens" says Jose.