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  1.   Vegas Dead Ringers Show Clips

    Check out clips and outtakes from this week's episode as the Lifers get thrown a curveball.

    Air Date: 8/16/05

Full Episode Summary

Today the cast learns they're taking an overnight trip to the City Of Sin! Omarosa talks from the moment the rock star bus pulls away from the Surreal Life Mansion till the celebs arrive at The Strip, but they are disappointed when they're driven right past the casinos. Then they learn they'll be playing a high-stakes game of softball! The winners will be treated to a special "V.I.P. package" that includes a stay at The Palms, in-room massages, and $5000 for gambling. But our heroes aren't playing against just any team - they're squaring off against celebrity look-alikes! It's Jose Canseco vs. Jose Canseco? And later, Janice makes a move on Jose. Wait, which Jose?