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  1.   Voted Out Of Vegas Show Clips

    Check out a preview and outtakes from this week's episode where the cast competes to stay in Vegas.

    Air Date: 8/22/05

Full Episode Summary

For their second eventful day in swinging Las Vegas, the celebs participate in a SURVIVOR-style pool game called the "Vegas Castaway Challenge," hosted by TIM STACK playing a poor man's Jeff Probst! But this competition is serious business, because before the day is done, one of the Surreal cast members will be voted out of Las Vegas! Whoever wins the game will have immunity from being "casted out". So everyone's gotta swim, rub, drink and kiss their hearts out! And not to be outdone by Janice, Omarosa makes a play for Jose. Later, while the loser drives alone back from Vegas, the rest of the cast relaxes on their rock star bus and Bronson tries to push the sexual boundaries with one of his cast mates.