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  1.   Dirty Laundry Show Clips

    After the trauma of the knife incident, the cast relaxes over golf only to find it's time to air their dirty laundry in public.

    Air Date: 9/16/05

Full Episode Summary

Still reeling from last night's drama, the cast goes about their morning rituals, while Omarosa and Janice manage to keep away from each other. But Omarosa continues to rag on Janice to the others; "She was a problem on America's Top Model. Tyra Banks hates her!" In order to break the tension the cast spend the day on the golf course only to have the day "ruined" by Janice's wild child antics. The cast returns to the mansion, only to discover that today is Dirty Laundry day! Once again the living room has been transformed into a stage, complete with a live audience, and the Surreal Lifers will be guests on a "talk show" with Sally Jessy Raphael! Caprice says she's really nervous. Bronson echoes her concerns; "It sounds like a gladiator crowd out there!" Sally challenges the cast to come clean and admit, who is being real and who is being fake. Has Omarosa finally been called on her reality 101 acting skills?