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  1.   Greatest Hits

    Check out highlights from season 5 including the best Omarosa Vs. Janice flare-ups.

    Air Date: 12/28/05

  2.   The Last Straw Show Clips

    Season finale! As the cast gathers for their last meal together, Omarosa and Janice square off yet again.

    Air Date: 10/05/05

Full Episode Summary

The final morning starts off with an unexpected apology in the bathroom from Omarosa to Janice; "Do you forgive me?" Janice responds with a curt "Yes," and the two women hug. The rest of the gang still worry about the Omarosa/Janice rivalry; Caprice thinks Janice is spreading too much "negativity" around the house, while Pepa feels Omarosa should not have accused Janice of being a poor mother. And when Janice asks for an apology at the last dinner in-front of the rest of the cast, Omarosa flat out refuses. Saying she stands behind what she said about Janice's wild antics and her questionable skills as a mother, stating, "You need help, Janice. I can't lie." And the battle of the century begins. Who will win? Is the rest of the cast combat ready? And will the house still be standing in the light of day?