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  512  Show Clips  Greatest Hits 12/28/05 
  512  Show Clips  The Last Straw Show Clips 10/05/05 
  511  Show Clips  Dirty Laundry Part 2 Show Clips 9/27/05 
  510  Show Clips  Dirty Laundry Show Clips 9/16/05 
    Bonus Clips  Surreal Life 5 DVD Exclusive Preview! 9/13/05 



About The Surreal Life | Season 5

Yes, folks -- the circus has come to town! But instead of lion tamers, bearded ladies and fire-eaters, we've got a sheep-herding Perfect Stranger from Mypos, a notorious reality diva, a pair of exotic beauty queens, a spicy hip-hop songstress, a fearless Motorcross freestyler, and a "juiced-up" baseball legend...

The ultimate TV sideshow is about to begin -- on SURREAL LIFE 5!

Season Five of The Surreal Life takes a wildly mismatched group of celebrities and sticks them in a twisted sociological lab experiment in communal living. That's right, these pampered celebs must now share bathrooms, bedrooms, chores, and their private lives, all in front of the ever-present cameras.

SL5's celebs include Bronson "Balki" Pinchot, infamous Apprentice villainess Omarosa, self-titled "world's first supermodel" Janice Dickinson, British model sensation Caprice, Sandy "Pepa" Denton of Salt 'n Pepa, extreme motocross star Carey Hart, and last but certainly not least, former baseball all-star and steroid poster boy Jose Canseco!

This season's surreal adventures include an outrageous burlesque show that puts Moulin Rouge to shame, a bowling competition with some very "special" league players, a gnarly Motorcross race, a swingin' trip to Las Vegas, a freaky softball game with celebrity look-alikes, and a memorable encounter with demented SL security guard Andy Dick!

There's also a little cross-dressing, some heart wrenching revelations, plenty of cat fights including the ultimate diva showdown, and a shocking "last supper" that has to be seen to be believed!

Surreal Life is not your average reality show. Their incredible life stories, career baggage, and strong points of view make for intense moments that take the viewer from laughing to crying, disappointment to hope, and anger to joy, all in the same episode.

Reality has never been more Surreal...