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  1.   Episode 4 Bonus Clips

    Check out exclusives from episode 4 and see what smashmouth and poison have in common!

    Air Date: 4/09/06

  2.   Action News, Part 2 Show Clips

    Check out this 'wicked short' version of episode 4 and and see who gets it right when the camera goes live!

    Air Date: 4/09/06

Full Episode Summary

As the clock ticks down to 6:30PM, Executive Producer Alexis scrambles around the news room making sure all her reporters are in the right place, and with the right tape and copy to deliver the Evening News. Florence starts the show off with a bang, asking the age-old question...why did the chicken cross the road? Tawny is stumped by a query from anchorwoman Flo, and breaks down believing that Florence has deliberately thrown her a "curve ball" to embarrass her for insulting Flo on the video shoot. Sherman flips, flops and does the Slop in one of the funniest weather reports this side of the Mississippi. And CC realizes for the first time in almost 20 years to trust in himself instead of alcohol and finds the courage to deliver the sports "live" on network TV. After the broadcast, the entire cast heads to a local eatery, where Alexis discovers the locals are not as accepting as her fellow cast mates, forcing her to show her violent temper.