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  1.   Episode 5 Bonus Clips

    Check out exclusives from episode 5 and find out why everyone is rocking out!

    Air Date: 4/16/06

  2.   Tawny Takes on Flo, Part 1 Show Clips

    Check out this 'wicked short' version of episode 5 and find out who wants to be hostest with the mostest!

    Air Date: 4/16/06

Full Episode Summary

The Surreal Lifers awake to what they hope will be a laid back day. Alexis, Tawny, and Andrea discuss the finer points of wearing a thong, with Tawny exclaiming that Alexis "has more balls than I do." The paper reveals that the cast will be putting together their own individual talk shows tonight in front of a live audience. Florence has agreed to be one of the guests, and Tawny lunges at the chance to expose the "real Florence Henderson" on TV to finally repay her for all the insults she has endured from Flo. Sherman retreats to the comfort of being CC's sidekick until Florence challenges him to step up and show everyone how talented he really is. Andrea believes she can win this competition because, after all, she hosts 4 shows on the Playboy channel, and CC can't seem to shake the desire to hit the bottle before he hits the stage.